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You decide on the future of Hotel Management when you select Suite8. It combines Front Office, Customer Relationship and Catering Management. You will ensure lean, efficient administration of all processes that determine your profit.

Open up new income sources with new sales channels online or in real-time. By way of complete integration, Suite8 automates processes, optimises occupancy and increases sales figures.

CRM – Suite8 Customer Management

The basic functions of a CRM solution are collecting, analysing, networking as well as targeted utilisation of customer data. With Fidelio Suite8 CRM you will get department-overlapping and comprehensive information about your guests. When your guest telephones you, you greet him immediately with his name. You can see that he reserved a conference room or that his tickets for a special event is ready and waiting for him. All up-to-date information is immediately available.

  • Tasks and activities
  • Mailing function for promotions
  • Questionnaire function
  • Integrated IP telephone service
  • Links to correspondence and activities
  • Document administration

PMS – Suite8 Hotel Management

Suite8 sets the standard for individual hotels in Hotel Management solutions. Supported by the completely integrated Suite8, you can optimise processes, minimise fault sources, increase turnover, improve utilisation and significantly increase your guests’ satisfaction – all decisive for the success of your company.

  • Reservation navigator
  • Personalised letters and e-mails
  • Efficient room-rack display
  • Unlimited numbers of price codes
  • Dealing with age groups
  • Voucher tool and promotions
  • Lost property administration

CCM – Suite8 Conference and Banqueting Administration

Whether wedding reception or company conference: The Banqueting Department is an important profit centre. The CCM module for conference and banqueting administration ensures the integration of all activities and facilitates a complete overview of the respective current status.

  • Events, activities, room reservations
  • All-inclusive accounting system
  • Integrated participant administration
  • Menu cards per mouse click
  • Packages, resources, sub-contingencies
  • Forecast and accounting

Current version

Selling and processing vouchers with no additional costs? Integrating e-mails into existing guest correspondence and gaining access by just pressing a button? Increasing banqueting turnover? Updating to the current Suite8 version!

  • Internal voucher administration
  • E-mail correspondence
  • Sales opportunities
  • Daily rates (new function)
  • Suite8 WebConnect

Suite8 add-ons

  • Message for SupportSmall business edition
  • Table reservation
  • Voucher management
  • Debtor administration